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    Transform canonical arrays to canonical typed lists · fb54aed4
    Genoveva Galarza authored
    Replaces canonical untyped arrays with canonical typed arrays (Benjamin
    arrays), by prepending the expected type of the items from the list.
    The built-in keys being transformed are:
     * Z12K1: TypedList( Z11 )
     * Z8K1: TypedList( Z17 )
     * Z8K3: TypedList( Z20 )
     * Z8K4: TypedList( Z14 )
     * Z60K2: TypedList( Z6 )
     * Z50K1: TypedList( Z3 )
     * Z31K2: TypedList( Z6 )
     * Z32K1: TypedList( Z31 )
     * Z4K2: TypedList( Z3 )
    The rest of lists will be appended with the default type "Z1"
    Bug: T307782
    Change-Id: Id768f91cc872291d58edb20dfdb2c026c65fe879