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Add composer test entry point with phpcs

Thcipriani requested to merge thcipriani/versions:hashar/composer-test into main

Import composer test and phpcs from mediawiki/extensions/BoilerPlate

Fix up a few phpcs issues:

Set indentations to spaces. Add .editorconfig with indentation set to 4 spaces.

Short array syntax must be used to define arrays (Generic.Arrays.DisallowLongArraySyntax.Found) Control structure "foreach" must be followed by a single space (MediaWiki.WhiteSpace.SpaceAfterControlStructure.Incorrect)

Add missing documentation to a few parameters addressing: Doc comment for parameter "$x" missing MediaWiki.Commenting.FunctionComment.MissingParamTag

Add a few whitespaces.

Use inline ignore comments for a couple place for which I did not want to make any code change:

  • Assignment expression not allowed within "while".
  • Use static closure

Ignore most other rules.

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