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Section topics suggestions, round 2

Matthias Mullie requested to merge T330773 into main

Another, hopefully improved, round of section image suggestions based on section topics.

  • section topics suggestions must now also match page entity in addition to topic entity
  • more sources (p373 + lead images, in addition to existing p18) are used for section topics suggestions
  • kind is renamed to istype-section-topics for such suggestions
  • existing image filters are made consistent across page & section (alignment + topics) image suggestions
  • beyond-some-threshold-usage filter is being made wiki-dependant to prevent excessive (iconographic) use of valid images from interfering with other wikis
  • implemented more accurate confidence values to reflect the assumption that a suggestion matching in multiple sources is likely better than one matching only a subset of those sources

Bug: T330773

Edited by Marco Fossati

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