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Create a general include file to share between different job strategies

Giuseppe Lavagetto requested to merge wmf-packages into main

We want to use different assumptions and overall processes between third-party packages that are more suited for the model used in builddebs and an approach that will be more convenient for people developing our own software which also builds a debian package.

To that end:

  • Move most of the logic to an include file we can share between different frontends
  • Build stage now generates a tar archive with a descriptive name, which should be more user-friendly
  • A "wmfdeb" pipeline is added that only triggers when a change is pused to the main branch modifying debian/changelog
  • Also functions to upload/create a release attached to the deb file are added.

Change-Id: I90bdcc56de394ac62cc806e28dc59f56102c8838

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