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If USEBACKPORTS set, tell apt to use the relevant -backports suite

MVernon requested to merge T350658 into main

By default, the -backports suite is available, but at priority 100, meaning it will never be used for satisfying package dependencies (only if apt is told to pick a particular suite or package version on the CLI).

By setting its priority to 500 (the same as uninstalled packages not from a target release specified on the CLI), apt will pick packages from -backports that have a higher version than in the base suite (likely to be all of them). We don't want that in the general case, but if the package Build-Depends: on versions that are only satisfied in the -backports suite, then this is the behaviour that we need.

So use a new CI variable USEBACKPORTS - if set to any non-zero value, then the -backports priority will be increased to 500.

Bug: T350658

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