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Cirrus metrics calculations

Ebernhardson requested to merge search-metrics into main

Calculates metrics from two sources to determine a variety of information. Currently each writes to a daily partitioned table at ebernhardson.Tnnnn in hive, but i would expect these will turn into airflow jobs populating a table in the discovery hive db in the future.

  • T358345 - Calculated from webrequests data. Metrics include search request rates and counts of page views attributable to search. This answers the questions in tickets 49, 51 and 52.

  • T358350 - Calculated from search satisfaction schema, which is limited to the desktop interface. Estimates user satisfaction with fulltext and autocomplete.

Countries on the wmf country protection list have been redacted, the result lists are simply shorter in cases where a protected country was listed.

Bug: T358349 Bug: T358350 Bug: T358351 Bug: T358352

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