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Dockerfile.gerrit: Upgrade to Gerrit 3.7.6 and use LFS plugin

We're currently using 3.7.6 in production.

Install the lfs plugin too. A future commit will establish
configuration for it.

Manual steps are required for upgrading Gerrit:

  • Delete the javaHome setting from the [container] section in
    gerrit.config in the exp_train-dev-gerrit-etc Docker volume
    (/etc/gerrit/gerrit.config from inside to gerrit service
    container). This is most easily done before performing the rebuild,
    while the old Gerrit container is still running:

    ./train-dev docker-compose exec gerrit bash  
    bash-4.4$ vi /etc/gerrit/gerrit.config  
  • Start the rebuild:

    ./train-dev build <workspace-dir>  

    The operation will eventually fail like so:

    waiting for gerrit to come online...  
    Error: No such container:  
  • Add the following to the gerrit service in exp/docker-compose.yml:

    restart: no  
    entrypoint: [bash, -c, "java -jar /var/gerrit/bin/gerrit.war init -d /var/gerrit && java -jar /var/gerrit/bin/gerrit.war reindex -d /var/gerrit --index changes"]  
  • Restart the gerrit service to make it run the upgrade commands from the prior step:

    ./train-dev docker-compose up gerrit  

    This will show the progress of the upgrade and will eventually terminate.

  • Remove the two lines added to exp/docker-compose.yml

  • Restart the build, which should run to completion:

    ./train-dev build <workspace-dir>  

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