CHANGELOG extracted from https://gitlab.wikimedia.org/repos/releng/cli/-/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md

  • Add config where command to show where the config is located
  • Add tools exec and tools cp commands for interacting with WMF Tools (T308928)
  • Fix verbose output when updating (T302216)
  • Fix toolhub commands error (T308929)
  • Fix various typos in inline documentation
  • Development environment:
    • Add a keycloak service (T309053)
    • Fix settings of wgStatsdServer for graphite service (T307365)
    • Image updates
      • graphiteapp/graphite-statsd:1.1.8-8 -> graphiteapp/graphite-statsd:1.1.10-1
      • eventgate-wikimedia:2022-02-01-141357-production -> eventgate-wikimedia:2022-05-10-150602-production

Thanks to @ollieshotton, @cicalese, @samtar, @addshore for patches this release.