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Bump from 1.31.0 to 1.34.0

Bumps from 1.31.0 to 1.34.0.

Release notes

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  • 114d7a19 Revert "Merge branch 'nh/pin-gitlab-dangerfiles-version' into 'main'"
  • ec61b3b1 docs: Adding precedence order to docs
  • 68473b8e feat(cluster): add cluster agent list command
  • 3d81c740 feat(cluster): implement cluster agent get-token command
  • f8f68e70 feat(sshkey): add ssh-key delete command
  • da23357b feat: Add note about homebrew zsh for completions
  • 99bb2652 fix(ci variable list): print entity type
  • 95e95ee8 fix: Parse string arrays passed to glab api --field command
  • 1072a86c fix: only show web login for GitLab SaaS
  • 8728637c fix: upgrade x/net
  • 765606d4 test(repo clone): seperate integration tests



  • 8f75fe31 docs(config): add check_update and display_hyperlinks
  • efd4ea26 docs(mr delete): change close to delete
  • de0f9e0e docs: Add feature design guidelines
  • ef57c439 docs: Add note about maintainership
  • 90ff75aa feat: prefill scope parameter for PAT generation
  • 849ca1a3 fix(auth login): encode scopes for oauth url
  • 465a67fc fix(check-update): remove auth for check-update
  • f5df4785 fix: Fix errors which show up when running `make check'
  • 6fcdcccc fix: glab ci status needs terminal on stdin



  • aacab6a1 docs: clarify possible options for parameters for "ci list"
  • c6640d12 feat(ci): add Pipeline IID to ci list
  • cf7e03ab feat(mr): populate description from commit messages
  • 3c6c7b09 feat: add incident note command
  • 945febf5 feat: add support for child pipelines in ci view
  • c8057a29 feat: handle response from VertexAI instead of OpenAI
  • cd3b2cf6 fix(ci run): use correct default branch
  • 730c1db9 fix(deps): upgrade go-gitlab to v0.88.0
  • 531de56b fix(issue): fix using issue commands from non-git dir
  • 8d60acdc fix: Don't add glab-resolved when it already exists in a remote
  • 43f6e60b fix: Handle trailing slash in remote URL
  • 7932b105 fix: Preventing a panic when not using a sub command
  • d0dcebea fix: goreleaser deprecated replacements, fixing the filename templates
  • dc6851f1 fix: use as argument to GetDefaultBranch
  • 7cdfb598 fixup! no index trickery, compare values
  • 3e5d2589 fixup! set error context in mrBody
  • 60c55fc8 refactor(mr): split mrBody out of mrBodyAndTitle
  • f1d9f9b5 release: fix assets-links suggestion/help
  • 29f9e442 test: Fix test Test_repoArchive_Integration integration test
  • 6a34614 Merge branch 'jmc-7367' into 'main'
  • 99bb265 fix(ci variable list): print entity type
  • 93536b4 Merge branch '6285-environment-variable-gitlab_token-takes-precedence-over-th...
  • ec61b3b docs: Adding precedence order to docs
  • 609be04 Merge branch 'phikai-go-x-net-update' into 'main'
  • 8728637 fix: upgrade x/net
  • 7832d83 Merge branch 'gmh-fix-linting-job' into 'main'
  • d09bfee chore: Fixing lint job for CI
  • dc2d940 Merge branch 'main' of
  • aeee0f8 Merge branch 'add_sshkey_delete_command' into 'main'
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