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Bump from 24.0.5+incompatible to 24.0.6+incompatible

Bumps from 24.0.5+incompatible to 24.0.6+incompatible.

Release notes

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For a full list of pull requests and changes in this release, refer to the relevant GitHub milestones:

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • containerd storage backend: Fix docker ps failing when a container image is no longer present in the content store. moby/moby#46095
  • containerd storage backend: Fix docker ps -s -a and docker container prune failing when a container image config is no longer present in the content store. moby/moby#46097
  • containerd storage backend: Fix docker inspect failing when a container image config is no longer (or was never) present in the content store. moby/moby#46244
  • containerd storage backend: Fix diff and export with the overlayfs snapshotter by using reference-counted rootfs mounts. moby/moby#46266
  • containerd storage backend: Fix a misleading error message when the image platforms available locally do not match the desired platform. moby/moby#46300
  • containerd storage backend: Fix the FROM scratch Dockerfile instruction with the classic builder. moby/moby#46302
  • containerd storage backend: Fix mismatched image rootfs and manifest layers errors with the classic builder. moby/moby#46310
  • Warn when pulling Docker Image Format v1, and Docker Image manifest version 2, schema 1 images from all registries. moby/moby#46290
  • Fix live-restore of volumes with custom volume options. moby/moby#46366
  • Fix incorrectly dropping capabilities bits when running a container as a non-root user (note: this change was already effectively present due to a regression). moby/moby#46221
  • Fix network isolation iptables rules preventing IPv6 Neighbor Solicitation packets from being exchanged between containers. moby/moby#46214
  • Fix dockerd.exe --register-service not working when the binary is in the current directory on Windows. moby/moby#46215
  • Add a hint suggesting the use of a PAT to docker login against Docker Hub. docker/cli#4500
  • Improve shell startup time for users of Bash completion for the CLI. docker/cli#4517
  • Improve the speed of some commands by skipping GET /_ping when possible. docker/cli#4508
  • Fix credential scopes when using a PAT to docker manifest inspect an image on Docker Hub. docker/cli#4512
  • Fix docker events not supporting --format=json. docker/cli#4544

Packaging updates

  • 1a79695 Merge pull request #46366 from thaJeztah/24.0_backport_volume-local-restore-m...
  • c35376c volume/local: Don't unmount, restore mounted status
  • 5d4cc0b integration/liveRestore: Check volume content
  • c78abd9 Merge pull request #46330 from thaJeztah/24.0_backport_api_docs_update_urls
  • 6282d95 Merge pull request #46331 from thaJeztah/24.0_backport_update_golangci_lint
  • 1d983e2 update golangci-lint to v1.54.2
  • d2e9a19 update links to golang docs and blog
  • 73f6053 api: swagger: update link to Go documentation
  • de13951 docs/api: update links to Go documentation
  • 7741a89 Merge pull request #46325 from thaJeztah/24.0_backport_hack_less_redirects
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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