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Bump from 2.32.1 to 2.34.0

Bumps from 2.32.1 to 2.34.0.

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GitHub CLI 2.34.0

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What's Changed

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GitHub CLI 2.33.0

Meowdy terminal aficionados! 😸

Before moving onto the freshest gh release notes, I have some GitHub CLI team news to share with the community:

  1. Our dear friend and college @​vilmibm has moved on from GitHub in following his passions for digital humanities 😿

    The core GitHub CLI team could not be happier for Nate as those same passions has brought gh to this point. 😻 So a tremendous unimaginable thanks to our dear friend as he chases the wind with the hopes he continues as part of the GitHub CLI community 💯

  2. We welcome a new GitHub CLI team member: @​andyfeller 😹

    Andy has been a long-time CLI extension advocate within GitHub for some time, maintaining extensions for unique user challenges. Please warmly welcome him as he gets up to speed with supporting our community officially!

What's Changed

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  • e5f499f Merge pull request #7879 from harveysanders/7771-list-all-run-jobs
  • 4ccc6ed Merge branch 'trunk' into 7771-list-all-run-jobs
  • 6f0f5a8 Use consistent variable naming
  • b91cfd8 gh status: show status even if a comment 404s (#7873)
  • f9df89d build(deps): bump actions/checkout from 3 to 4 (#7937)
  • 52a2a72 rename template to mark-template cmd (#7923)
  • e96fe1d Merge branch 'trunk' into 7771-list-all-run-jobs
  • 137da73 Simplify mock jobs response
  • d5d10a6 Use "Link" header for pagination completion check
  • acc362f Fix pagination resp with "Link" header
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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