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Bump from 1.26.0 to 1.31.0

Bumps from 1.26.0 to 1.31.0.

Release notes

Sourced from's releases.



  • 954ba27c docs: Clarifying method change when using --update for api command
  • fe0da7d1 docs: add installation options with wakemeops
  • 7defca3a docs: fix mr create example
  • da7e47aa feat(incident): add incident subscribe command
  • 9a450081 feat(mr/checkout): Track by default without adding extra remotes
  • afdcc8b0 feat(schedule): Add commands to create and delete schedules
  • 10ca8e9c feat(schedule): Fixed broken test for delete schedule
  • 185a4c6e feat: Make mr create prompt for reviewers
  • b834f40e fix(check-update): always show error when check-update fails
  • bb9c3603 fix(check-update): remove unicode characters in favor of ascii
  • 5aef986b fix(repo list): #1327 fix filters
  • 8d45b94c fix(repo view): consider current host when viewing a repo details
  • 2d71244e fix: Adjusting timeout value to prevent hangs
  • b20f818f fix: Update multiple labels bug for glab mr create labels



  • 4f200f91 feat: add new changelog command
  • 8759c09e feat: better error messages for no matching remotes



  • d79d4766 docs: change release process not to push all tags
  • a520d701 fix(ci): Fixed issue with API deprecation for CI lint



  • b28df0b9 fix(auth login): use token when logging in



  • 50aa7d25 feat(ask): add a message that the ask-git response are AI-generated
  • b7f4c3f9 feat(incident): add incident unsubscribe command
  • 945a7120 refactor: move issue/unsubscribe to issuable/unsubscribe





  • 293c77e4 docs: add OAuth to authentication instructions
  • 2ad363a3 docs: update godoc for function
  • c9d9138a feat(auth login): Add support for OAuth2
  • 9311a000 feat(ci delete): add dry-run flag to ci delete
  • a5154f53 feat(incident): add incident reopen command
  • 1dca5807 feat: add command that generates Git commands from natural language
  • bd25257a feat: update go and dependency versions
  • a0a72cfb fix(ask git): do not show prompt when no commands

... (truncated)

  • 1f8464b Merge branch 'main' into 'main'
  • aa94be1 chore: Sync canonical repo
  • b1ee890 Merge branch 'jmc-1334' into 'main'
  • 8d45b94 fix(repo view): consider current host when viewing a repo details
  • 4806061 Merge branch 'main' into 'main'
  • 9e43c7e chore: Keeping in regular repo in sync
  • 0d31c25 Merge branch 'phikai-mr-create-docs-fix' into 'main'
  • 26ff5e8 Merge branch 'add_wakemeops_docs' into 'main'
  • fe0da7d docs: add installation options with wakemeops
  • 7defca3 docs: fix mr create example
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