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Bump from 0.73.1 to 0.88.0

Bumps from 0.73.1 to 0.88.0.

  • 7e3c23c Update pipeline tests
  • 2ac3eea Merge pull request #1758 from billiechar/billiechar-snippet-moves
  • ddb5ca0 Update the PR to make the code consistent
  • a4d27d6 Merge pull request #1759 from PatrickRice-KSC/add-missing-housekeeping-setting
  • a42af85 Change PipelineTestCases.SystemOutput to interface{}
  • 89486a0 Add missing housekeeping setting
  • 852645c Update tests
  • f2c344c Use separate options for each schedule
  • 86dd632 Add snippet repository storage move APIs
  • 3c1f9bf Use io.ReadAll instead of ioutil.ReadAll
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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