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Bump from 2.25.1 to 2.32.1

Bumps from 2.25.1 to 2.32.1.

Release notes

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GitHub CLI 2.32.1

What's Changed

Full Changelog:

GitHub CLI 2.32.0

hello terminal fans, it's me @​vilmibm .

We are pleased to bring you a new release of the GitHub CLI on this Confusion 46, 3189 YOLD.

We've got features. we've got bugfixes. This release has a real zest for life; can you feel it?

First though, a sad note. @​mislav has moved on from GitHub. He was instrumental to this project and without him I don't think it would have ever happened. BIG THANKS MUCH LOVE to this wonderful person!

Happily, we have a new core team member who is, truly, a delight. Please welcome @​williammartin , whom you'll see a lot more on issues and pull requests moving forward.

Now, let's talk BUSINESS.

gh ruleset

Repository Rulesets are in beta on git hub dot com and they are now also in beta on git hub sea ell eye. You can list, view, and check branches against rulesets set at the repository or organization level. Major shoutouts to @​vaindil for this big contribution. My favorite command in here is gh rs check <branch> which will tell you what rules would apply to a hypothetical branch name. To learn more, run gh help ruleset.

gh cache

gh cache is a new top level command in our suite of support for Actions. It lets you list and delete caches saved in Actions. It's neat and I like it. Thanks, @​joshkraft ! To learn more, run gh help cache.

Other new stuff


... (truncated)

  • 8079d18 Use asciisanitization package from go-gh (#7745)
  • f5d581d Do not make reviewer update request if there are no reviewer changes (#7730)
  • ad283cf Fix pr checks command for GHES versions older than 3.9 (#7725)
  • 7f3196f Use filepath.Clean to sanitize path for archive downloads (#7720)
  • 5d82a95 Sanitize file contents before displaying them (#7694)
  • 2a4160a Do not add auth token to redirect requests which do not have the same host as...
  • 8c7935e Merge pull request #7689 from cli/cache-explainer
  • 528cb98 add gh cache to Actions explainer
  • 6573f0c Merge pull request #7687 from cli/fill-first-follow-up
  • 1b79e95 Clean up style nits and simplify some logic
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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