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Bump from 1.25.3 to 1.26.0

Bumps from 1.25.3 to 1.26.0.

Release notes

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  • d736ef78 Merge security fix for v1.26.0 release
  • 538fbbbc ci(coverage): report correct coverage
  • 123650e5 ci: lock down go lint image version
  • b279b85a docs(installation): Add asdf-vm to install options
  • 0ac01252 docs: Add Fedora to installation options
  • d7c4e041 docs: Build jump list of core commands
  • 944cc7bc docs: Updating instructions for homebrew release
  • 7aeab90e docs: add guidelines for triaging bugs
  • 31b48fac docs: fix link to issue command in README
  • 05848701 docs: reword homebrew section
  • ec5d885c docs: self-managed doc improvements
  • 1204e157 docs: specify [flags] position in clone command
  • 6ad0d965 docs: update core commands with links
  • 59d4637b feat(schedule): Add command to run schedules
  • 595f1373 feat: variable export
  • 1dbeae7b fix(ci): Fix issue where ci get fails if user is not maintainer
  • 48927326 fix(issue create): better error message when users are not members
  • effe5ff7 fix(project): Remove repo override functionality
  • 645013b2 fix(repo): URL encode branch name when viewing on web
  • b18a2c0b fix: check-update command output to StdErr
  • da360017 fix: making sure homebrew doesn't try to open a browser
  • 5cdc56d6 refactor(issue/view): extract issuable/list package
  • 83e5b492 refactor(issue/view): extract issuable/view package
  • 4e8affbe refactor(project): Stop requsting for README when viewing project on web
  • 175b5cfc refactor(test): adjust issuable tests to cover both types
  • f883b4cb refactor(test): combine issue/incident list tests
  • c75eef92 refactor(test): use http constants in tests
  • af690a3d refactor: use HTTP constants in code
  • 453be916 refactor: use strings.Join in comma separated list functions
  • 7d820a86 test: fix timing issue with release tests
  • ef36364 Merge branch 'main' into 'main'
  • d736ef7 Merge security fix for v1.26.0 release
  • 8c9c352 Merge branch '1243-use-http-constants-in-tests' into 'main'
  • c75eef9 refactor(test): use http constants in tests
  • b971cbe Merge branch '1267-use-http-constants' into 'main'
  • af690a3 refactor: use HTTP constants in code
  • 3961bc1 Merge branch '1247-remove-profclems-glab-goreleaser' into 'main'
  • 8ea906d chore: Remove profclems/glab from .goreleaser.yml
  • a6d9808 Merge branch 'add-debug-variable-makefile' into 'main'
  • 5afb7aa chore: add debug environment variable to Makefile
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