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Python builder: Always use a virtualenv

Ahmon Dancy requested to merge main-Id72a2a55fa1ac341bec0b6cd1f07b755a15d98d8 into main

The Python builder now establishes a virtualenv before performing any
other Python operations. This ensure that subsequent operations will
not affect system Python packages. This is especially important when
using a Debian Bookworm base image.

Removed support for use-system-flag, which should not be needed

Added support for use-system-site-packages, which will pass
--system-site-packages to python -m venv.


  • Support for building wheels of requirements has been removed. The
    Python builder no longer messes with the PIP_WHEEL_DIR,
    PIP_FIND_LINKS, PIP_NO_INDEX, or PYTHONPATH environment variables.

  • The prior workaround from (T346090) which set
    PIP_BREAK_SYSTEM_PACKAGES has been removed.

Bug: T357548

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