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First attempt at YAML file

Luke Bowmaker requested to merge dev into main

First attempt at writing a YAML file to create a new Kafka topic for image suggestions feedback, following these instructions

The schema is based off the Cassandra schema here

My understanding is that teams could use EventGate to write the following message to the schema (the meta part of the schema is taken care of by EventGate):

  "$schema": "/generated-data/image-suggestions/feedback-create/1.0.0",
  "wiki": "en",
  "page_id": 1234,
  "image": "something.jpg",
  "id": ???,
  "origin_wiki": "commons",
  "performer": "User_A",
  "accepted": false,
  "rejected": true,
  "dt": "2022-04-05T05:00:00.0Z",
  "comment": "Bad image"

I am a little unsure of how to support this field, any help would be appreciated

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