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T292741 implement ci checks

Gmodena requested to merge T292741-implement-ci-checks into multi-project-dags-repo

This PR implements a set of basic CI checks as described in T292741.


A successful CI build should pass linting and testing steps.


Run lint manually inside a docker container with make lint.

The linting step currently treats errors as warnings: the build won't stop when failures are detected.

We lint with flake8 and the following (conservative) settings:

  • McCabe complexity threshold: 10
  • maximum allowed line length: 127 (Default PEP8: 79)
  • check for syntax errors or undefined names


Run test manually, inside a docker container, with make test. Test results and coverage are reported to standard output:

---------- coverage: platform linux, python 3.7.11-final-0 -----------
Name                           Stmts   Miss  Cover
spark/                  0      0   100%
spark/      12      0   100%
spark/              21     21     0%
spark/                    7      0   100%
spark/             22     22     0%
spark/                42     17    60%
TOTAL                            104     60    42%

======================== 2 passed, 9 warnings in 9.05s =========================

Automation and Github mirroing

Gitlab Pipelines are currently unavailable in Wikimedia's instance. To automate CI, for demo purposes, we propose to mirror this repo to Github, and execute tests on a Github runner

./github/workflow/build.yml implements a CI workflow that runs on every push. Output is available at

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