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Draft: Declare project deps in a conda environment file.

Gmodena requested to merge T303839-support-conda-dist into main

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This change streamlines dependency management and adds support to conda environment files.

The new project template has changed as follows:

  1. A new conda-environment.yml` is introduce, which contains run time environment deps.
  2. Test dependencies have moved to tox.ini.
  3. requirements.txt and requirements-test.txt have been removed.

Sample projects have been updated to match these dependencies.

@mfossati @cparle this MR pays off technical debt, but I would not say it's a requirement/blocker for you project. We can look at implementing these changes once your project has been merged in main. What do you think?


While the API is forward compatible with conda-dist, the environment is still packaged with a bash one liner in Makefile. While trying out conda-dist, I keep stumbling upon these errors (triggered by conda-pack).

Files managed by conda were found to have been deleted/overwritten in the
following packages:
- ncurses 6.3:
  + 1054 others

As reported in repos/research/knowledge-gaps!4 (merged), I was unable to replicate the errors consistently. I wonder if passing --ignore-missing-files could be a viable work around (see

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