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Packaging ImageMatching as a Python wheel

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This MR is a refactoring of ImageMatching to make it more compliant with Python’s packaging tooling and practices (setuptools ).

The problem I’m trying to solve is to identify a boundary between upstream (research) code and how we use downstream in product features.

How to test

We can install algorunner in an env (e.g. stats machines) and launch the pyspark/papermill job with

$ (venv) pip install algorunner --extra-index-url
$ 2021-07-26 hywiki Output


  • The ImageMatching repo now contains only notebooks, an nbconverted script & papermill runners.
  • I moved all etl and test infra to the platfor-airflow-dags repo.
  • I created an ima package. Right now it contains notebooks. In the future it could host a library (that the notebooks can import).
  • setuptools ( is configured to package notebooks and scripts in a wheel, and installs them in PYTHONPATH (e.g. ./venv/lib/python3.7/site-packages/ima and ./venv/bin/ ). Scripts are also added to PATH.
  • CI builds and deploys the wheel to pypi (
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