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fixes for conda ci templates

Muniza requested to merge mnz/workflow_utils:mnz/conda-setup into main

openjdk 11.0.21 introduced a change which requires file to be present in order to access In conda_setup_script, this change breaks the post-installation script for ca-certificates-java when it is installed as a dependency of openjdk-11-jdk.

Examples: 1, 2, 3

Explicitly installing ca-certificates-java before installing openjdk-11-jdk fixes this issue.

Along the way we also had to fix:

  • miniconda checksum hashes URL has been moved and changed format. This is used by fixture_conda_base_env when testing some related functions.
  • Pin fsspec version to 2022.3.0 until workflow_utils test code is fixed to work with newer version

@otto @mforns @xcollazo @gmodena

Bug: T350732

Edited by Ottomata

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