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Adding login mechanism and a basic frontend state management

Santiago Faci requested to merge T362642-login-state-management into main

Adding login mechanism and a basic frontend state management:

  • Added backend login mechanism and communication capabilities with CAS-SSO
  • Added a historyIgnoreList to add urls that aren't frontend routes to use the history-fallback middleware with frontend routes (it prevents some backend urls from working properly)
  • Adding a basic state management using pinia to render the frontend according to the user status (logged or not logged in)
  • The vue version is hardcoded in the package-lock.json file to avoid conflicting vue version between pinia and codex. We have provided this file directly to the pipeline (including it in the blubber.yaml file) as a workaround while design team is working on an codex upgrade that will remove the conflict

Bug: T362642

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