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Generate HTML pages from docstrings

Gmodena requested to merge T336488-generate-doc into main

This MR introduces HTML doc generation from doscstrinngs using pdoc3. For our specific project it looks easier to integrate than sphinx. I previously considered pydoctor, but it does not work particularly well with our docstring formatting choices (it assumes docstrings are epytext).

HTML files will be generated under docs/build by a newly introduced make-html-docs CI job. Under the hood this calls a make html-docs target that is available outside of CI too. This MR only takes care of generating the doc. Publishing requires integrating the job with

This MR bumps the base openjdk CI image to openjdk-11-jdk:11.0.18-s0-20230604 (Debian Bullseye), that ships with Python 3.9. A version bump of Python was required to address compat issues with pydoc

cc @otto @tchin.

Bug: T336488

Bug: T337475

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