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    Convert to use a ProcessDialog with radio buttons · fa746cbe
    MusikAnimal authored and HMonroy's avatar HMonroy committed
    This funnels all the API requests through the OOUI Process system,
    which handles the errors, and also has a loading state.
    User scripts can't use require() to load arbitrary other script files,
    so we have to use Babel to compile to ES5 in order to test locally.
    In production, we should be able to use ES6 as it is written here. For
    this reason the dist/ directory is added to .gitignore
    The 'Create new item' functionality has been removed, but will be
    re-added once we show a notification with mw.notify, and invoke the
    script after it is clicked.
    Also changed the key names on the translation page to have the 'asl-'
    prefix, so we don't need to do that in the code.