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    dev: Use pre-commit for code-quality checks · 4527abab
    Slavina Stefanova authored
    * Runs all linters, formatters and type-checkers with pre-commit
      via tox
    * Removes redundant dev dependecies from pyproject.toml
      and poetry.lock
    * Removes the shell scripts we had for code checks
    * Uses whichever Python version is available in the environment
    * To run tools individually, you can do so with
      `poetry run pre-commit run <hook-id>`
    * To update all pre-commit tools to their latest versions, run
    `poetry run pre-commit autoupdate`
    This patch also
    * Formats all files in the repo to conform to the new standard
    * Moves all dev dependecies inside pyproject.toml to
      [], as the old section
      naming is about to become deprecated
    Bug: T320234
    Change-Id: Ia55261334ade5d8703a568da1ee29aa5b84b7ea6
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