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    Major config refactor · e38a27b2
    Ed Sanders authored and Esanders's avatar Esanders committed
    * Conceptually separate global options from "rules".
    * Rules can be configured with 'off'/'error'/'warn'
      and additional options, as in ESLint.
    * Convert some old options to additional rule options:
      - ignoreMissingBlankTranslations is now an option
        of requireCompleteTranslationLanguages
      - skipIncompleteMessageDocumentation is now an option
        of requireCompleteMessageDocumentation
    * Convert allow* options to negative rules, so they can
      use the 'off'/'warn'/'error' system
      - allowLeadingWhitespace => disallow...
      - allowTrailingWhitespace => disallow...
    * Create separate rules for leading/trailing whitespace
      in translated messages so they can be given different
      - disallowLeadingWhitespaceTranslated
      - disallowTrailingWhitespaceTranslated
    * Create a separate autofix for translated messages.
    The test suite is unmodified to demonstrate that all
    the legacy config values are supported.
    Bug: T364843