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Update function-schemata sub-module to HEAD (21f0e63)

Jforrester requested to merge sync-function-schemata into main

New changes:

  • b0bcdb8 definitions: Add Z1890/ddn ZNaturalLanguage
  • 3cc3943 definitions: Add Z559/User not permitted to evaluate function
  • 95e3848 Setup Gitlab CI
  • f3851a4 build: Switch CI runner image from node16-test-browser:0.1.0 to node16-test:0.2.0
  • efeebb0 build: Add Security's new AppSec pipeline to CI
  • 21f0e63 definitions: [Z2] Add Z2K5/short descriptions, an optional Z12/multi-lingual string

Bug: T290522
Bug: T334879

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