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Update function-schemata sub-module to HEAD (5f40813)

Jforrester requested to merge sync-function-schemata into main

New changes:

  • 8e96ad6 build: Run npm audit fix to make CI happy
  • 309140d Add errors for rate limits in backend services.
  • 63aa93e Switch Z985 to a built-in implementation.
  • 46ed833 utils: Make various minor code coverage improvements
  • 4927eba Support degenerate quoted objects in the mixed validator, normalization, and canonicalization.
  • 66a1278 Allow getErrorZ5s to handle canonical form, too.
  • 5f40813 definitions: [Z1124/Simple English] Correct primary code to 'en-x-simple'

Bug: T315649
Bug: T336499
Bug: T338272
Bug: T338315
Bug: T340770
Bug: T341521

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