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RedWarn 15 Release

Chlod Alejandro requested to merge dev into master
  • Restructure code base, new build script (see commit history)

Consumer summary:

  • '''Changed naming system''' - there is no longer "rev" appended to the version number. RedWarn 15, RedWarn 16 ext.. is the new versioning system
  • '''Bug fixes'''
  • '''UPDATED''' preferences - RedWarn now has a redesigned and more user-friendly preferences menu.
  • '''Changed:''' As many users have complained about the user right-click menu, you must now hold SHIFT while right-clicking a user link. This is to prevent issues with user subpages and editors workflows. If you don't like this change, you can return to the previous method in your preferences.
  • '''ADDED''' reporting to [[Wikipedia:Usernames for administrator attention|Usernames for administrator attention]] - use the "Report to admin" button - the dialog has been expanded with additional report reasons.
  • '''Completed''' privacy improvements - RedWarn is now completely hosted by the WMF through Wikimedia toolforge ('''already in previous rev14 patch''')
  • '''ADDED''' option to open latest changes in a new tab in preferences. *'''ADDED''' new connection to the Huggle anti-vandalism network! Both Huggle and RedWarn users can now easily work together, and you can stay up to date on the latest interactions. Click on the chat icon to see what other patrolers are doing and discussing. Disable this in preferences. :'''Note''': To prevent spam and misuse, you will need to allow RedWarn HANgateway to verify your identity. HANgateway only uses OAuth to verify your account identity, and does not access any other information.{{Cite web|title=List OAuth applications - Meta|url=|access-date=2020-07-13|}} :'''''Privacy:''' You will be connected through a proxy, so unlike Huggle, your hostname, IP and other information will not be exposed to non-Wikimedia servers.'' :''The proxy is a server side tool. If you experience issues with connecting, please let {{u|Ed6767}}, the maintainer of HANgateway know as soon as possible.''
  • '''ADDED''' live theme previews in preferences and new dialog animations
  • '''ADDED''' custom text inputs in quick templates! If you'd like to add a text input, add {{RWTEXT|Title|UniqueID}} (replacing "title" and "UniqueID" with a title for the textbox and a unique ID) *'''Fixed''' some issues with RedWarn conflicting with other scripts. If you have issues with other user scripts, let us know ASAP so we can fix conflicts. *'''Partially added''' cross-wiki support, but no template or language or other kind of localisation support yet. You can now add RedWarn to your global JS on Meta if you wish. ({{u|Can I Log In}} have fun) *'''Changed:''' RedWarn will no longer open the new notice dialog by default following a rollback. You will instead be presented with the same options you would have on an editors userpage (i.e. send message, quick template, new notice, report to admin). If you don't like this change, don't worry - you can still set a default action in RedWarn preferences > Behaviour > On rollback completion *'''Removed send feedback button''' to promote usage and discussion on [[WT:REDWARN]] (excluding automatic serious bug reports)

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