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    Improve autogenerated documentation and introduce Vitepress · ce92d33e
    KBach authored and Ahmon Dancy's avatar Ahmon Dancy committed
    * Add missing documentation (from the Wikitech pages) to the JSON schema
    * Slightly improve the mechanism of generating markdown documentation from the schema
    * Add Vitepress, a static site generator, to `docs`. This includes adding relevant configuration files, CSS customizations, and package.json/package-lock.json.
    * Add cache and dist files and directories to .gitignore
    * Modify existing markdown files to make them usable as pages in the static site generated using Vitepress
    * Add Blubber and GitLab CI configuration to generate and publish the documentation on
    Bug: T352262
    Change-Id: I15a017adbfd7859ebe3442750f3ffba954239a26
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