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    Configure Toolforge health-check-path · 3030faaa
    Lucas Werkmeister authored
    Previously, we manually patched the deployment created by `webservice`
    to add a startup probe. Now we can instead declare the health-check-path
    in service.template and Toolforge will automatically create a startup
    and liveness probe for us. This also means that we can finally restart
    the tool with just `webservice restart` again (previously, this either
    didn’t perform a rolling restart at all or did one but wiped out the
    startup probe in the process).
    Because we now have a liveness probe in addition to a startup probe, the
    /healthz endpoint gets a lot more requests than before; fortunately it
    turns out to be pretty easy to exclude it from the uWSGI logs [1][2].
    Bug: T341919