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    import of original old contributions to Wikimini skin · ca876312
    Owen McGill, Owen McGill, and contributors authored and Valerio Bozzolan's avatar Valerio Bozzolan committed
    NOTE: This commit was done by WMCH to import all old contributions,
    it is just an indication, since it's not possible for us to obtain
    the old git repository.
    NOTE: If you know how to obtain the complete git repository,
    please contact Wikimedia CH, or Valerio Bozzolan, or Ilario Valdelli,
    in order to give proper credits to your work.
    NOTE: a directory "kids" was omitted in good faith. It contains
    normal and generic photographs of young kids and they are probably in
    use on the website and probably already under a Free license, but
    since I don't have time to double-check and I do not want to create
    problems, I preferred to omit it. If you know the origin of these pics,
    consider importing them in the git repository.
    -boz (Valerio Bozzolan) - 2022-10-15 22:06 CET
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