• Notes:

    • This snippet is based on the Docker example found on https://astronvim.github.io

    • Most of the changes I made were to fix configuration issues seen when running :checkhealth, but there may be other / better ways to solve these 🤔

    • I'm cloning from the nightly branch. This was because at the time of writing this neovim just released v0.8, which I wanted to try, and AstroNvim had yet to merge support for 0.8 into its main branch

    • It shares the host's PWD with the container

    • export DISPLAY="FAKE" is used to get xclip to work - it requires DISPLAY to be set to something

    • macOS's built-in terminal emulator doesn't have wide color support ( as of 12.6 ), so this snippet is best used with another terminal emulator like Alacritty, which is quite nice

    • I've added a function to my ~/.zshrc so I can invoke this via an astro command in the current directory:

    astro() {
    Edited by Mhurd
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