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......@@ -34,19 +34,24 @@ plugins:
title: My Dashboard
description: Showing some nice metrics
- [events-day]
- [events-source]
- [note, events-count]
- [note, events-source]
- alias: events-day
title: Number of events by day
- alias: note
library: markdown
display: |-
# Analysis notes
> A quick rundown of events statistics and KPIs
- alias: events-count
title: Total number of events
db: jobs
query: SELECT date(date) as day, count(*) as count FROM events GROUP BY day ORDER BY day
library: vega
query: SELECT count(*) as count FROM events
library: metric
mark: { type: line, tooltip: true }
x: { field: day, type: temporal }
y: { field: count, type: quantitative }
field: count
- alias: events-source
title: Number of events by source
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