[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag spacemedia-0.3.0

First version performing automatic upload

Features completed

Major features

  • Detect of almost-duplicate images using percerptual hashes
  • No longer consider Flickr Public Domain Mark eligible for upload, unless clear U.S Public Domain
  • Replace Flickr image title consisting of VIRIN identifiers by their album name, if any
  • Enforce minimal delay between successive uploads to meet Wikimedia bot requirements
  • Upload mode for each agency: disabled (default), manual, automatic
  • Handle change of license for Flickr and YouTube media
  • Add DVIDS support for U.S Space Command, Space Force, Air Force Space Command, Space and Missile Systems Center
  • Enable automatic upload for images of U.S Space Command and Air Force Space Command
  • Add YouTube support for Arianespace
  • Download of YouTube videos using youtube-dl
  • Retrieval of already upload YouTube videos using their id
  • Startup page improvements: AJAX loading of statistics, sortable table

Minor features

  • Number of working threads configurable
  • Nice error pages for HTTP 404, 500, 501 errors

Behind the scene

  • Allow to reset problems, duplicates, ignored media, perceptual hashes
  • Mirroring from Phabricator to GitHub
  • Dependencies upgrade: Spring Boot 2.2.7, Scribe 6.9.0, Flickr4Java 3.0.4, bootstrap 4.5.0
  • Retrieval of web dependencies through Webjars
  • Store last update date/time for each media
  • Store runtime information (last update start time, end time, duration) for each agency
  • Store date/time for each problem
  • Rework persistence of metadata information
  • Lots of bugfixes, performance improvements, reduced memory usage

Features started

  • GitHub actions
  • SonarCloud analysis
  • Code cleanup, test coverage, documentation