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Commit 9e54817f authored by Samwilson's avatar Samwilson
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Composer desc and phpdoc fixes

parent ff29250e
"name": "samwilson/diagrams-extension",
"description": "@TODO",
"name": "samwilson/diagrams",
"description": "MediaWiki extension to display various types of diagrams rendered from text within wiki pages.",
"license": "GPL-3.0-or-later",
"require-dev": {
"jakub-onderka/php-parallel-lint": "1.0.0",
......@@ -10,12 +10,12 @@ use DOMXPath;
use Title;
* This class represents the image-map functionality of GraphViz. It is responsible for generating
* the .map file that accompanies a graph, as well as retrieving information about this file.
* This class represents an HTML image-map, modifying it where required to support MediaWiki
* features such as links.
class ImageMap {
/** @var string The map contents as string. */
/** @var string The map contents as an HTML string. */
protected $map;
/** @var DOMDocument The map contents as a DomDocument. */
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