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configure-projects: add an issue allowlist and tidy log output

Brennen Bearnes requested to merge work/brennen/allowlist into main
  • Adds a simple allowlist for situations where templates created a project with issues and/or wikis turned on, and users need to extract data before those are disabled.
  • Prints full project path on each line, only prints projects where the script makes changes or where a project is in the temporary allowlist.
  • Doesn't print token.
  • Cleans up a few unnecessary imports.

Sample output:

10:35:37 brennen@inertia:~/code/wmf/releng/gitlab-settings (main *$%=) ☼ ./configure-projects
repos/research/knowledge-gaps - temporarily allowing issues
repos/research/article-quality - temporarily allowing issues
repos/research/research-ml - temporarily allowing issues

Bug: T290612
Bug: T264231

Edited by Brennen Bearnes

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