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    Added cli script that uses ddd to process transactions and produce workboard metrics. · 3bf26a6f
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    The output is suitable for generating a timeline with data points for each time a task enters or leaves a column.
    The column_metrics data set looks like this:
    | project_phid | column_phid | task_id | ts_begin (unix ts)       | ts_end (unix ts)      | duration (seconds)     |
    | PHID-PROJ-1  | PHID-PCOL-1 | 123456  | Time task entered column | Time task left column | How long task remained |
    We can also derive another type of metrics from this same dataset - to calculate global workboard metrics and task-specific
    metrics we simply summarize the above data.
    * Each task will have a duration value for each on the workboard.
    ** the lead time for the task is the duration in default colum
    ** cycle time is total off all durations except for default column
    * Global workboard metrics are the mean of all durations...