CHANGELOG extracted from https://gitlab.wikimedia.org/repos/releng/cli/-/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md

  • Added gerrit ssh command
  • Added gerrit api command
  • Added --project option to gerrit changes command
  • Improved verbose output flag to enable use of -v and -vv (T301691)
  • Improved output formats of some commands, including --output, --format, --filter including new json output
    • gerrit changes
    • codesearch
  • Improved output when binaries are needed on disk (such as docker) that do not exist (T301557)
  • Fix display of help when search term is missed in codesearch search command
  • Fix display of help when search term is missing in toolhub tools search command
  • Fix indenting of help and usage text accross commands
  • Fix codesearch search commands usage when spaces appear in the search text (needed urlencoding) (T301973)
  • Fix color usage in output when not in a TTY across commands
  • Fix mistaken INFO log of periodical version check output
  • Fix tab completion for docker command (T301693)
  • Updated docker dev environment fresh image to node14-test-browser:0.0.2-s4
  • Added easter eggs ;)

Thanks to @bpirkle & @ollieshotton for patch submissions Thanks to @itamar, @ollieshotton for bug reports & requests