CHANGELOG extracted from https://gitlab.wikimedia.org/releng/cli/-/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md

  • Added a progress bar while the update command is downloading an update (T293586)
  • Improved formatting of release notes once update command has completed
  • Updated gitlab command to 1.22.0

Docker development environment:

  • Added support for using relative paths starting in ./ during initial MediaWiki setup wizard (T294177)
  • Added where command for the working directory of the development environment
  • Added mediawiki where command for the MediaWiki directory
  • Added custom where command for the custom.yml location
  • Added 5 shellbox <type> service commands for commonly used shellbox services
  • Improved docker resume output to not show "failed" services, that have never even been started (T299631)
  • Improved formatting of long command descriptions
  • Updated nginx-proxy image from jwilder/nginx-proxy:0.9 to jwilder/nginx-proxy:0.10
  • Updated mediawiki-fresh image from wm.o/releng/node14-test-browser:0.0.2 to wm.o/releng/node14-test-browser:0.0.2-s3
  • Updated mediawiki-quibble image from wm.o/releng//quibble-buster-php74:1.1.1 to wm.o/releng//quibble-buster-php74:1.3.0-s1
  • Updated mysql images from mariadb:10.6 to mariadb:10.7
  • Updated postgres images from postgres:13.2 to postgres:13.5
  • Fixed Windows issue to do with file embeding Failed to open file: embed\files.txt (T295473)
  • Fixed issue where MediaWiki would create an unreadable mw-GlobalIdGenerator-UID-88 file and error (T293682)