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NEWS for Blubber
Blubber is a command line tool to produce Dockerfiles from higher-level
specifications in YAML. Also included is Blubberoid, which provides a
simple web interface.
v0.8.0 (Wed, 24 Jul 2019)
### Backwards compatibility notes
* `v4` is the only supported version. Blubber, being not yet to a 1.0.0
release, has changed the compatibility of the `version` field to only
support `v4`.
* Unify `copies` and `artifacts` configuration
tl;dr: `copies` and `artifacts` have been merged to just `copies`
Refactored `copies` configuration to allow for greater control over
when and which both local build context files and variant artifacts
are copied into the target image.
The new configuration introduces a "local" keyword to signify when a
`copies` entry should apply to the files from the local build
context as opposed to files from another variant's image during a
multi-stage build.
- from: local
source: ./src
destination: .
Note that with this change, the user must now explicitly define
whether _any_ files should be copied in from the local build
context. None will be copied in by default.
To help keep configurations succinct, especially considering this
new requirement, and to approximate the old `copies: variant`, a
shorthand format and sane defaults for `source` and `destination`
(depending whether `from` is "local" or a variant name) were
copies: [local]
- from: build
- from: local
source: ./
destination: ./config.yaml
The shorthand:
copies: [ref, ...]
# is equivalent to
copies: [{ from: ref }, ...]
And the following defaults are used when no `source` and
`destination` are specified.
- from: local
# defaults to
- from: local
source: .
destination: .
- from: variant
# defaults to two entries
- from: variant
source: /srv/app # the dir
destination: /srv/app
- from: variant
source: /opt/local # the shared lib dir
destination: /opt/local
### Updates and changes
* Added support for use-system-flag directive. The `--target` flag is
broken in Debian/Ubuntu due to a distro-specific --user install default
in versions prior to 18.1.1 (including the Stretch version).
This behavior can be switched off by specifying the --system flag in the
install command.
* Updated the go-playground validator to support "startswith" and
"endswith" validators to be used to validate images used for production.
See the example in policy.example.yaml for how this would be used.
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