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    Better organize eventutilties_python modules · 1cbcc8ed
    Ottomata authored
    This commit mostly just moves some code and modules around for
    better organization, but there are some functional changes.
    - stream manager related code now lives in the 'stream' module.
    - stream module exports public symboles using __all__ and
      Users should import stream manager symbols like:
      `from import stream_manager, load_config`, etc.
    - Stream.close has been removed from the interface.  Closing is handled
      by stream_manager.
    - should contain only contain Flink specific things.  As such,
      EventStreamDescriptor has been removed (importing it would cause a circular import).
      This lower level APIs use stream_name and schema_version, similar to the Java interface.
      If we want to make EventStreamDescriptor a top level Java interface, we can.
      Or use and wrap java EventStream class instead.
    Bug: T336488