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    Fix conda env name and update pins · beb4cfdd
    Btullis authored
    * Prepare release of version 0.0.34
    Add a changelog describing release version 0.0.34
    Bug: T369240
    Bug: T369210
    * Update conda pinning specs and unspecified dependencies
    We wish to update the conda-pinned file in order to reduce the
    likelihood of environment breakage by installing updates.
    Whilst doing so, we take the opportunity to remove the restriction on
    urrllib, which is no longer required, and to update all other packages to
    the latest compatible versions.
    Bug: T369240
    * Fix trailing brace on cloned conda environment name
    The most recent change introduced a small error, which resulted in a
    stray trailing curly brace on the environment name when cloned.
    This change simply removes that brace.
    Bug: T369210
    Bug: T369127