Commit 8e87119c authored by Ottomata's avatar Ottomata
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Fix typo in artifact-cache command

parent beb490d9
......@@ -8,5 +8,5 @@ checks:
# It uses artifact config files in the airflow-dags
# repository to sync artifacts from their source locations
# to defined caches (mainly HDFS).
command: /usr/local/bin/kerberos-run-command analytics /usr/lib/airflow/bin/artifact-cache warm /srv/deployment/airflow-dags/analytics_test/wmf_airflow_comon/config/artifact_config.yaml /srv/deployment/airflow-dags/analytics_test/analytics_test/config/artifacts.yaml
command: /usr/local/bin/kerberos-run-command analytics /usr/lib/airflow/bin/artifact-cache warm /srv/deployment/airflow-dags/analytics_test/wmf_airflow_common/config/artifact_config.yaml /srv/deployment/airflow-dags/analytics_test/analytics_test/config/artifacts.yaml
timeout: 300 # default is 30 seconds
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