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Put karapace files in /usr/lib/karapace rather than overwriting system files

parent 6924fb6f
......@@ -44,19 +44,17 @@ scp conda_dist_env.2022-03-15T15.56.43.tgz deneb.codfw.wmnet:
ssh deneb.codfw.wmnet
# If you have run the build process before, remove these directories first
mkdir karapace-conda-env karapace-dist
mkdir -p karapace-dist karapace-debian-tree/usr/lib/karapace
tar -zxf conda_dist_env.2022-03-15T15.56.43.tgz -C karapace-conda-env
tar -zxf conda_dist_env.2022-03-15T19.34.31.tgz -C karapace-debian-tree/usr/lib/karapace
cp -r karapace-debian/DEBIAN/ karapace-conda-env/
mkdir karapace-debian-tree/DEBIAN
cp karapace-debian/DEBIAN/control karapace-debian-tree/DEBIAN
# This is a hack to get the copyright/changelog metadata into the distribution
cp -r karapace-debian/DEBIAN/extra/usr karapace-conda-env/
# Put the copyright/changelog metadata into the distribution
cp -r karapace-debian/DEBIAN/extra/usr/share/doc/ karapace-debian-tree/usr/share/
# Don't need these files in the debian package itself
rm -r karapace-conda-env/DEBIAN/extra
fakeroot dpkg-deb --build karapace-conda-env karapace-dist
fakeroot dpkg-deb --build karapace-debian-tree karapace-dist
The .deb file will be written to `karapace-dist/`.
Package: karapace
Version: 2.1.3-py3.7-1
Version: 2.1.3-py3.7-2
Maintainer: Razzi Abuissa (WMF) <>
Section: python
Priority: optional
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