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Commit 5c35e086 authored by MVernon's avatar MVernon
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Update README to reflect WMF gitlab URI

This makes it a little more intuitive for WMF users than referring to
a bit of Sanger-internal DNS :)
parent ef2baf93
......@@ -129,14 +129,14 @@ repository into your own space, because the fork must have the same
name as the original. To make a copy, you can do the following:
1. Make a new "project" in gitlab in your user area. For this example,
we'll call it ~deleteme~ in the ~mv3~ user area
we'll call it ~deleteme~ in the ~MVernon~ user area
2. Make a bare clone of the original readme:
~git clone --bare git@gitlab.internal.sanger.ac.uk:mv3/rebasing_demo.git~
~git clone --bare git@gitlab.wikimedia.org:MVernon/rebasing_demo.git~
3. Do a mirror push from that clone to your new repository:
~git push --mirror git@gitlab.internal.sanger.ac.uk:mv3/deleteme~
~git push --mirror git@gitlab.wikimedia.org:MVernon/deleteme~
4. Delete the original bare clone
5. Clone your new repository:
~git clone git@gitlab.internal.sanger.ac.uk:mv3/deleteme~
~git clone git@gitlab.wikimedia.org:MVernon/deleteme~
You'll then have your own respository with all the branches in place -
you can use the gitlab UI to turn them into merge requests in the
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