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      mwdd: Enable installing with mariadb · 38e0b4a1
      Addshore authored and Addshore's avatar Addshore committed
      This adds the logic for the mysql service that for now
      just uses a mariadb image from docker hub.
      Eventually a followup will come to allow custom images to be used here.
      Verified in github actions on addshore fork
      You can see the steps needed to test this out in the test there.
      Assuming you have mediawiki, composer installed with the correct settings
      file, then:
      - mwcli mwdd create
      - mwcli mwdd mysql create
      - mwcli mwdd mediawiki install somesite mysql
      Really should figure out how to best maintain the docs for this soon.
      Vuepress perhaps?
      Bug: T253313
      Change-Id: I04b56065757e0fad21d85cd76b6624e7ea86ebde
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      mwdd: Installing with sqlite · 992f06bd
      Addshore authored
      This is a feature from mediawiki-docker that makes more
      sense now that mwdd can be flexible and have any number of
      services running / not running at a given time.
      This means that the minimum setup is now the base + mediawiki.
      MySQL things will be added after.
      Includes most of the LocalSettings stuff used in mwdd
      (though it isn't all actively used here yet)
      Includes addition of a custom special page to allow users
      to easily see the status of some dev env related services
      though not all of those services exist yet.
      MySQL support will be added in a follow up patch.
      This code was verified on github actions on addshores fork
      You can see the .github workflow there to see how to test this
      (As docs have not been added to this repo yet)
      Bug: T253313
      Change-Id: I7d1a66dd96b293d3fe3d6b371212e34018872a49