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CHANGELOG for v0.1.0-dev-addshore.20210916.1

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## [v0.1.0-dev-addshore.20210916.1](
* `mw dev hosts`: command added to interact with your `/etc/hosts` file if needed
* `mw dev * exec`: commands can now have environment variables passed to them. e.g. `mw dev mediawiki exec -- FOO=bar env`
* `mw dev`: ports are now checked for availibility before listening begins
* `mw dev adminer`: Updated from `adminer:4.8.0` to `adminer:4` (enabling minor update)
* Fix typos
## [v0.1.0-dev-addshore.20210910.1](
* `mw dev mediawiki phpunit`: Command has been removed, please use `mw dev mediawiki exec`
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