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CHANGELOG for v0.1.0-dev-addshore.20210909.1

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## [v0.1.0-dev-addshore.20210909.1](
* `mw update`: Stop printing update success release notes twice
* `mw dev docker-compose` no longet breaks if passed no arguments
* `mw dev mediawiki`: Switch default MediaWiki PHP version to 7.3
* `mw dev mediawiki`: Include `php-ast` in MediaWiki container
* `mw dev mediawiki`: Output details of username, password and domain of MediaWiki site after install
* `mw dev mediawiki`: Nicer error from MediaWiki if no DB exists when loading a site
* `mw dev mediawiki install`: now requires that you specify a `--dbtype`
* DEV: `make`: Fix generation of staticfiles using make
## [v0.1.0-dev-addshore.20210907.1]( ## [v0.1.0-dev-addshore.20210907.1](
* Enable updates from * Enable updates from
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