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# Changelog
## 1.0.0 (Work in progress)
* Enable updates from
## [ v0.1.0-dev-addshore.20210806.1]
* Fix mysql server db check complaining about Countable ([phabricator](
* Prepare for releases from
* Take backups of LocalSettings incase they get lost
* Create a user .composer directory if it doesn't exist ([phabricator](
## [ v0.1.0-dev-addshore.20210714.1]
* Replace docker command with mwdd functionality
* Introduce a dev alias for use with your main development environment command
* Introduced basic cli configuration and config command
## [ v0.1.0-dev-addshore.20210703.1]
* Improve updater output
* mwdd
** Removed the confusing mwdd create command
** Implemented mwdd suspend and mwdd resume
** Fix most --user options for most exec commands
** Remove duplicate phpunit command
## [ v0.1.0-dev-addshore.20210627.1]
[ Commits]
* mwdd: Use docker-compose 3.7 file versions
* mwdd: Use stretch-php72-fpm:3.0.0 image for MediaWiki, which fixed XDebug issues
## v0.1.0-dev-addshore.20210524.1
[ Commits]
* Allow users to choose if they update or not
* Check for new updates daily
* mwdd: Make use of a composer cache
* mwdd: Fix permissions of data and log mounts
* mwdd: Internally use maintenance/checkComposerLockUpToDate.php
* mwdd: Add exec commands for all services
## v0.1.0-dev-addshore.20210523.2
[ Commits]
Initial addshore dev build of most mwdd functionality.
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